Dirge of the Stormy Seas

Released In:
Author (in-game): Anonymous

When lightning strikes far from shore
And the fates still my crew till they shout no more
I hope to be on the prow standing tall
Spittin’ in the face of life’s final call.

We fought and we loved folks on shore
When we’re gone, many drinks they’ll pour
For the water’s deep and the stormy sea cold
As life sinks into the blackness below the hold

So raise a toast with a mug in your hand
To those we lost and the ones waiting on land
Our bodies may be consigned to the foamy depths
But it’s better than hearin’ our beloved’s sad breaths.

We set sail without knowin’ what’s in store
So we sing and we drink and we chance explore
For when life’s over and work’s at end
I’m pleased to call these sailors my friends.

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