Nuzava’s Anvil

Author: Anonymous
Released In:

One of the most revered metalworkers of the premier clan of metalworker is the ancient smith, Nuzava of Morkul Clanhold. The highly respected forge-wife defined the distinctive style of Morkul's arms and armor.

Her skills were in such demand that she had a special travel anvil prepared that she could take with her from stronghold to stronghold. The anvil was covered in intricate carvings that many suspected were arcane runes. She laughed at such tales, saying her skills needed no magical enhancements, but the claims continued.

Whatever the truth, legend indicates that any smith who tried to use Nuzava's anvil would suffer a work-related accident. Hammers broke, metal shattered, and even fingers were smashed by ill-placed blows. Nuzava and the anvil disappeared when she was returning from a long trip abroad. She sent word from the Icy Shore that she'd be home soon, but she never arrived.

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