Mender Roslenn’s Journal

Author: Mender Roslenn
Released In:

<11 days ago>

Today several patients appeared unusually tired and ill at ease. Strangely enough, they all complained about bad dreams.

<7 days ago>

Something is definitely not right. Nearly half the patients now suffer from fatigue and anxiety, and reports of terrifying nightmares are now commonplace. Some sort of contagious fever? Or something else? I know I have seen something like this before, but where?

One Nord soldier who was suffering greatly from this mysterious affliction is now missing. I fear he may have harmed himself.

<5 days ago>

Two more patients are missing, but I think I know what is going on here. These soldiers are suffering from the onset of vampirism! The symptoms are mild, but the sleeplessness, the lassitude, and the feelings of dread and fearfulness all fit. But there are no vampires in the manor. I am certain of it.

Alexis Viralaine is not convinced. He believes the physical symptoms are simply lack of sleep, caused by the patients' terrible experiences in the war. He recommends bed rest.

<4 days ago>

I can't wait for Alexis to recognize what is going on here. I'm preparing small doses of an elixir that counters the symptoms of early-stage vampirism. We will see if that helps.

The missing patients now number seven.

<2 days ago>

As I suspected! The anti-vampirism elixir provided immediate relief to those patients I treated. I do not think the condition has been cured, however. I must brew a stronger potion with fresh ingredients. I have most of what I need here on the grounds, but I'll need some harpy feathers for the antidote. Fortunately, colonies of harpies nest in the hills west of the manor. I'll set out at first light.

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