Traveler’s Guide to West Weald

Author: Beragon
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By Beragon, Imperial Scribe

In this year 556 of the Second Era, I have been commissioned by Emperor Moricar to document an itinerary for travelers wishing to visit the Imperial west: Old Colovia, the Gold Road, and West Weald. This is a welcome assignment for me. I have resided in Skingrad since my adventuring days, and these are lands I have come to know well.

Your tour of the Imperial west begins in Skingrad, the largest city of the Imperial west. The “Gem of Old Colovia” is a bustling center of commerce, protected by high walls and strong gates. Behind its defenses, Skingrad reveals itself as a city of quaint alleyways, clean stone courts, and the fine townhouses of noble families. The crown jewel of the city is the Great Chapel of Julianos, a mighty temple dedicated to the God of Wisdom.

From Chapel Square, head southwest through the center of town. You will find an excellent inn, the Fertile Respite, at the city’s Wayshrine Square. Continue to Skingrad’s western district, passing by the Traders Court where itinerant merchants from all over Tamriel come to sell their wares. As you make your way to the Gold Gate, pause to admire the lovely statue of Kynareth that stands in front of the Fighters Guild hall. The people of Skingrad are well known for their pious inclinations.

Skingrad is merely the beginning of our journey through the Imperial west. Here is the midpoint of the famous Gold Road, a vital link to Anvil and the sea-trade of the Gold Coast. The road follows the vale of the Strid River westward, passing through a pleasant land of vineyards, orchards, woodlands, and charming towns such as Ostumir.

While you could easily follow the Gold Road all the way to Anvil, that is the subject of a different travelogue. West of Ostumir, you should come to a path leading up into the hills. Follow it northward, past lonely homesteads such as Shardrock and the mysterious Ayleid ruins of Ceyond. Be careful about leaving the path in this area; the woods are home to the great black bears of West Weald.

High above the mighty fortress of Feldagard Keep, the path from Ostumir meets the ancient Highlands Road. Turn left to follow the old road into the western portion of the Colovian Highlands. In Hastrel Hollow, you will find the picturesque ruins of an old First Empire watchtower. Farther west, the road brings you to the quaint town of Sutch and the nearby Ayleid ruin of Niryastare. I have some personal experience with the dangers of this site, so I urge you to admire the place from a safe distance and then return the way you came.

Following the road east, you soon come to the heart of Old Colovia, the Colovian Highlands. Here stands the trade-town of Leftwheal at the head of the Brena River. Most trade between Hammerfell and Cyrodill goes by sea via the Gold Coast, but the old overland routes from Rihad to Leftwheal remain important. From Leftwheal, the Highlands Road wends its way through the hills to the prosperous town of Ontus. Many Redguard settlers now make their home in this area, providing the Imperial west with a small taste of life in Hammerfell.

In Ontus, turn southeast. Your route now descends through the verdant hills and plains of the Imperial Reserve, former hunting ground of the Reman emperors. While these lands were once for the use of the emperors alone, all are free to hunt here now. Weatherleah Estate stands along the northern margin of the area, an outstanding example of a Colovian noble’s manor. Continue east, and you come to a trail leading north. Here, a brief detour takes you to the striking ruins of Elenglynn, another remnant of the long-dead Ayleids who once ruled over these lands. Be careful not to stray too far into the wilds south of Elenglynn; these hills and dells are home to hostile Goblin tribes.

The final leg of your circuit returns you to Skingrad from the north. Like the Gold Road, the Highlands Road passes through a wide and prosperous belt of vineyards, farms, and country manors as you draw near to the city. Enter Skingrad through its north-facing Chapel Gate. Your travels through West Weald conclude at the foot of the Great Chapel of Julianos, where you began.

Fair travels to you, reader!

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