Knowing Satakal

Released In:
Author (in-game): Anonymous

Seven Redguard Maxims

“To deny that the world must end is to deny that it began.”

“Satakal is the making and the unmaking, the birth and the death, love and fear.”

“For the world is the egg that Satakal laid, and the egg that in time Satakal shall eat.”

“To know Satakal, consider a river. As a snake sheds its skin and lives on, so a river sheds its water into the sea, yet is reborn at the source.”

“To be the Worldskin is to be everything, and to be everything is to be nothing.”

“Fear not the unbelievers, for believer and unbeliever alike shall be eaten by the Serpent God.”

“Does not the serpent made of sky above reflect the serpent made of sea below? Yea, it is so.”

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