Enchanter Practicum

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Author (in-game): Defessus Lector

Librarian Note:

This book references characters from Agents and Reagents. It appears to be describing an earlier crafting system, and does not appear in Elder Scrolls Online currently.


I think have finally discovered the issue. Your lack of advancement has nothing to do with your mind being too addled to string together two coherent thoughts, nor is it that you just stubbornly refuse to better yourself in anything other than the torture of small animals. It is because you have no more long-term memory than a gnat.

I think I know how to solve this issue. If you take any advice from me, hearken to this. Write down every thought, discovery and notion as quick as they come to you. I am not telling you to write tomes. I mean just scribble a simple one sentence note about your discovery, and then keep those notes with you at all times.

Let us try this on the enchantment practicum. I want three different glyphs each in a specific setting. When you discover the missing additive, write it down. I expect the notes and examples of your work by day’s end.

Enchanter Practicum

To make a Stamina Glyph, you start with a Defensive Glyph in a wooden setting. Add Flawed Hrotanda, Dirty Turpen, and what other additive?

To make a Magicka Glyph, start with a Defensive Glyph in a wooden setting. Add Flawed Moranda, Dirty Mastic, and what other additive?

To make a Lightning Glyph, start with an Offensive Glyph in a metal setting. Add Corroded Dwarven Scrap and what two other additives?

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