New Moon Obligations

Released In:
Author (in-game): Zakarr

By Zakarr, Order of the New Moon

This one, unlike many Khajiit, prefers to live with clear guidelines. Given the number of new recruits filling the ranks of the Order of the New Moon, Zakarr decided to record the obligations by which all those joining us must live by.

I. Joining

Only those of sound body and mind can join the Order of the New Moon. Those who do not meet these standard will be refused entry even before the trials begin.

II. The Trials

The trials shall remain secret. Those who try to help others by sharing information about the trials will be summarily dismissed from the Order of the New Moon immediately. No cheating! No hints!

III. Recruiting

Recruitment must be undertaken by those who are good judges of character. Too many underfed candidates have entered our ranks. These weak ones will not carry us forward to our goals. And no sick, either. We need strong, capable candidates to help bring about the future as seen in the rising of the New Moon.

IV. Mindset

Those joining the Order of the New Moon must remember that regardless of their reason for joining, they must adhere to the obligations set forth and do exactly as our leaders and Dragons command. Only with a clear and determined mind will the Order give rise to the New Moon.

V. Ritual

At some point, every recruit will be called upon to attend our special rituals. When your time comes, be proud! Only the best of us are asked to partake of the ritual of the aeonstones. It is a singular honor! You will learn why soon enough.

Until the New Moon rises, work tirelessly. Work effortlessly. And revere the Dragons that revere our New Moon!

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