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Knights of the Gleaming Blade


Curano, Exarch and Brightblade, First in the Name of the High King and beloved by the Lady Herself. In her name you are hereby ordered to make haste for the city of Abagarlas. The king has authorized your requested soldiery, and you are permitted to leave Delodiil with the following people of faith:

— Lanath, the Former Exarch of Dark Abagarlas and Newborn in Her Service
— Endarre, Primarch and Brightblade in Her Lady's Service
— Valasha, High Priestess and Sunwalker in Her Lady's Service
— Ostarand, Paladric Blade and Beholden in Her Lady's Service

You are to escort the Blade Ostarand and safeguard the relic he carries. Every effort has been made to ensure your success in this quest, and all weapons and armors in the city stores are at your disposal. The Vivicus must be destroyed at all costs!

In faith, eyes turned toward the Sunburst,
— Lateesh