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Author: Huzahar Wallavir
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Citizens of Abah’s Landing! It has been my privilege to volunteer for, and accept, the role of committee chair of the annual Hew’s Bane Remembrance Days, a task I promise to carry out with vigor and enthusiasm! This year’s display will honor the life and achievements of our founder (and my ancestor by way of my maternal grandfather), Prince Hubalajad himself!

In addition to a display of sundry items of historical interest dating from Prince Hew’s reign, it is my hope that our panoply will include, for the first time, a full set of the justly-famous and highly-collectible series of books known as “Prince Hew’s Fiascos.” To this end, I will be lending the festival my own collection of these beloved tomes, which includes the following titles:

“Prince Hew and the Envoy’s Exploding Pipe”

“Prince Hew and the Haj Mota Chariot”

“Prince Hew and the Iron Regatta”

“Prince Hew and the Three-Legged Race”

“Prince Hew and the Pet Toku Gava”

“Prince Hew and the Atronach Parade”

“Prince Hew and the Kindlepitch Fountain”

“Prince Hew and the Ogre Ballet”

As the astute observer will immediately note, this collection is missing only one volume, the tragically rare “Prince Hew and the Spriggan Barbecue.” If a copy of this scarce tome is to be found in Abah’s Landing, it would be an act of civic charity for its owner to lend it to our panoply. (And if that owner were interested in selling said volume, I would offer substantial remuneration for it!)

Also, as my best-beloved spouse, Lady Wallavir, has other commitments, our committee is searching for a handsome woman of Redguard descent to act as presenter at the festival and play the role of Petty-Vizier Hafzifeh al-Yath, the putative author of “Prince Hew’s Fiascos.” Interested parties should apply in person up at the manor.

-Lord Huzahar Wallavir, Grandee

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