On Joining the Keepers of the Dead

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Author (in-game): Anonymous

A Pamphlet for Prospective Novices

By Abbot Ilvel, the Necropolis of Necrom

We receive dozens of letters asking about joining the Keepers of the Dead. As a rule, we turn away no prospective novices. Any Dark Elf who reveres the ancestors and feels themselves called to our sacred duty is welcome to come to Necrom and take up the monastic life. In fact, not a few folk of other races find their way into our ranks, even though their ancestors may lie in distant lands. They feel needed here.

Our order was founded nearly a thousand years ago. Prior Durdryn established an abbey above the ancient catacombs of Necrom. He set down the rules by which we live and the oaths we swear to uphold as we go about our duties. Even after all these years, we still follow our founder’s instructions. You are joining a sacred vigil that began centuries ago and, ancestors willing, will continue long after your own life ends.

A typical day for a monk of our order consists of morning, midday, and evening prayers. In between, you can expect to be assigned housekeeping and communal duties, such as cooking, laundry, and the maintenance of our living spaces. Of course, each day we tend the tombs of the ancestors. Throughout the night we stand watch in the catacombs, ensuring that no evil troubles their sleep. Finally, we offer guidance and counsel at any time to those visitors who need our help. It is a life of duty and reflection, but a deeply satisfying one.

Now I come to the difficult part. During my long years of service among the Keepers of the Dead, I have seen many novices come and go. The monastic life is not for everyone. Quite a few prospective keepers come to Necrom to don our robes, only to find a few months later that this life is not for them.

I have learned that these failed novices almost always share one thing in common. They came to us to escape from something else. Becoming a keeper will not cure your broken heart. It will not mend your relationship with your parents. It will not give you the means to leave your past behind, or to overcome a darkness in your own spirit. To succeed in your commitment, you must say yes to the life of a Keeper of the Dead, and not simply no to your prior life.

Think carefully on your choice. Search your heart. If you find that you still wish to take the oath of the keepers, then we will be waiting to welcome you in Necrom.

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