Rhanbiq’s Orders: Iron Wheel Headquarters

Author: Chief Inspector Rhanbiq
Released In:

This is to remind all Iron Wheel officers and soldiers serving within our temporary headquarters is an honor and privilege. Those members of our command who would rather patrol the area outside the Citadel are welcome to apply for transfer at any time. Hot-weather gear and rain slickers will be provided as necessary.

For those who would rather remain in the cool, comfortable interior of this complex, please remember to comport yourself as Iron Wheel, not common soldiers:

-Sneaking off into the secret passages will be seen as an application for transfer.
-Dangling your feet from the catwalk above the main storage area will be seen as an application for transfer. Be sure to ask Demi-Lieutenant Atriunia if dawdling was worth his time.

Refusing to do "servant's work" in the interior will not be seen as an application for transfer. However, I will personally interpret it as a request to clean out the latrines which haven't been maintained in nearly two thousand years.

-Rhanbiq, CI-IW

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