On the Fulcrum Obscura

Released In:
Author (in-game): Anonymous

when the Great Eye answered the prayers of the mortal, Prior Durdryn, and granted him the runes needed to craft a relic of Apocrypha, the Fulcrum Obscura. The Lord of Secrets imbued the runes with the power to locate and uncover secrets, no matter where they may hide, and the prior inscribed them on an ancient bone related to Necrom’s history.

Now, it is the opinion of this cipher that the Prince of Fate never intended for the mortal to retain the relic. Nor was it meant to remain forever entombed within the catacombs of Necrom. I expect the Great Eye to retrieve the Fulcrum Obscura at some point, or grant it to another of the faithful when the time is right.

Until then, allow me to record the miracles ascribed to the relic. For what other gift of Hermaeus Mora allows a devotee to locate a place desired or to reveal a secret of great importance? For example

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