A History of the Daedric Sects

Released In:
Author (in-game): Anonymous

This book was found during the ‘Cure for Lycanthropy’ quest. The book leads you to the location of a Glenmoril Coven in the Illiac Bay.

…”reputed to have the ability to raise the
dead, although as yet the Conclave has not
unearthed any evidence of this beyond the
usual legends and anecdotes.

By contrast, the existence of the Glenmoril
Coven is firmly rooted in history. In fact, this
coven is of such antiquity that its very origins
have been lost. The Circle of Seven, as it is
often called (the Glenmoril Coven regards thirteen
as a newfangled corruption of the original seven
Initiates plus six Acolytes — one for each of the
Circle except for the Mistress, who is considered
above such apprenticeship duties). As usual,
legend mixes with fact in the popular belief that
the Glenmoril Coven possesses the cure for
lycanthropy. Complete documentation of these legends
may be found in the library of (map dungeon).

The Iliac Bay region is also home to another of…”

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