Ancient Druid Bloodlines

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A genealogy and in-depth study commissioned by Lady Larina Merchad, 2E 541.

After an exhaustive study, I can say with reasonable certainty that what your family has always suspected is almost positively true. The Merchad bloodline is indeed an ancient Breton bloodline, dating back to the first appearance of the Half-Elf race in High Rock. Further, I have found clear evidence that the family as it is known today can trace their ancestry to druids who arrived in the Systres Archipelago with the original flotilla of the Druids of Galen. The very same that departed High Rock in the First Era.

More over, I feel confident in proclaiming that not only were the Merchads members of the Bretons’ original druidic ancestors, they were also clearly of royal blood—if you consider Druid King Kasorayn to be equivalent to the aristocrats who govern High Rock in the current era. Add to that what we know of the Volorus bloodline, and your son will inherit the best of both dynasties.

Why else would House Merchad’s heraldry be rendered as three cups spilling seeds and leaves if not for their druid connection?

Lady Larina Merchad, 2E 521—

Lord Lucan Volorus, 2E 516—

(Married 2E 538)

Bacaro Volorus, 2E 540—

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