The Ogres of Wrothgar: A Continuing Treatise

Author: Cirantille
Released In:


Cirantille In my previous studies of the ogres of Tamriel, I discuss ogres, their behavior, and their rudimentary intelligence in some detail. That work, "Ogres: A Summary," should contain sufficient information for those interested in learning more about the dumb brutes, but I write this addendum in an effort to clear up some misconceptions I've heard since traveling to Wrothgar.

First, do not let anyone tell you that these beasts have any sort of "societal structure." As with other animals, stronger ogres "lead" weaker ogres by proving their dominance. Simple, uncomplicated.

Second, ogres cannot work magic. There have been reports of "ogre shamans" but these are the gross exaggerations of the misinformed. Some few ogres may have capabilities that are hard to explain, but we shall see they are no more complicated than a spider's ability to spin a web.

Finally, unlike the graceful senche or the useful guar, these beasts have no redeeming qualities. They cannot be trained, taught, or domesticated. It would be better to treat them as we would any other natural hazard and work around them or remove them from our proximity. There is no better response.

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