On the lineage of the Aswala Thoroughbred

Author: Meilaban al-Aswala
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It is known, or at the very least generally accepted, that Divad the Singer rode into the ancient battles of Hammerfell upon "a stallion dappled with the colors of sand and sun". This legendary steed is said to have traversed the entirety of the Alik'r desert in the span of day. Before now, there has been no accounting of the fate that befell this brave horse. In point of fact, over the years, historians and horsemen alike have cried out, "how sad to have lost such a horse".

For generations, however, my family has held tight to a secret—our forefather, Adyat the Far-Seer, inherited the only offspring of Divad's glorious mount, and over the last ten generations, we have labored hard to develop and expand the horse's lineage. Today, Aswala Stables can boast about having the finest stock of horses in all Tamriel.

Though there has proven to be a high demand for our mounts, we have bred dozens, enough to assure that the lineage of Divad's brave stallion will never perish, as long as Aswala stables remains standing.

So come down, and bring the whole family to Aswala Stables. Take a ride on one of our horses and you will feel the difference.

You will not find a finer steed than you purchase from Aswala. I give you my personal promise.

Meilaban al-Aswala

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