Tamriel’s Finest Wines

Author: Samuel Gourone
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Curated by Samuel Gourone

Bloodroot Rosé, Glenumbra

This wine is distilled by the Bloodthorn cultists currently making their home in Glenumbra. I’ve heard tell they use strange grapes that grow from their monstrous vines, giving this wine a rather earthy taste preferred by Daedroth. Last I checked, they kept bottles tucked away in a ruined tower northeast of Daggerfall.

Spider-Venom Wine, Stonefalls

The cult that once inhabited Mephala’s Nest produced a particularly potent wine, said to be spiked with the venom of the very spiders that infest the area. Ever since the site was overtaken by Goblins, bottles have become extremely rare. Scamps and Twilights seem to prefer this offensive vintage.

Fiorallian Muskwine, Auridon

The Aldmeri once stored a few rather foul spirits in Ondil, fermented with a mixture of fine Elven fruit and corrupting magics. I’m told it had the potential to spread plague and was favored by Ogrim and Harvesters.

Note: The allure of these wines doesn’t last long, make use of them immediately before they lose their flavor!

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