The Eight Steps of Mummification

Released In:
Author (in-game): Fezmani of the Steady Hand, Priest of Tu'whacca

By Fezmani of the Steady Hand, Priest of Tu’whacca

— Step the First: Consecrate the body with the Blessings of Tu’whacca.

— Step the Second: Remove all internal organs before they can decay, causing unsightly stains.

— Step the Third: Remove all brain tissue. This is to be done through the nostrils using the hook-spoons, so as to avoid damaging the skin of face and head.

— Step the Fourth: Dehydrate the body by coating it in parch-salt, and placing packets of parch-salt within its cavities.

— Step the Fifth: Replace lost volume within the body with inert material, paying special attention to restoring the features of the face.

— Step the Sixth: The layers of wrapping: wrap the body in one hundred paces of linen, then coat the linen with warm juniper resin. Do this three times.

— Step the Seventh: The adorning of amulets: array the body in amulets and bracelets that represent the station of the body in life.

— Step the Eighth: Place the body in a prepared sarcophagus. Proceed to burial in the necropolis.

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