The Fall of Trinimac

Released In:
Author (in-game): The Faithless One

To truly know Mauloch, we must recall the story of Trinimac’s fall from grace, and the events leading up to his torturous dishonor.

During the Merethic Era, a cult of Aldmeri dissidents abandoned the commonly accepted worship of Summerset Isle and began following a young prophet, Veloth. Boethiah had been speaking to Veloth in dreams and visions, guiding him to lead a new sect of Aldmeri with the belief that mortals could ascend to become gods. Trinimac’s priests condemned the new sect for blasphemy and threatened exile, should they not abandon Veloth. When the priests were to pass judgement, Boethiah appeared, having swallowed Trinimac, and revealed the lies of Trinimac’s teachings with Trinimac’s own voice. Content the priests were shamed and broken from his revelation, Boethiah relieved himself of Trinimac in front of the assembly to complete his shame.

We know not how Trinimac had been defeated, but it is said that after his defeat Boethiah had consumed him and tortured his spirit in her belly. When Boethiah grew bored of Trinimac’s torture, she released him from his prison and later exiled him to a plane of choking ash. This torture and dishonor left Trinimac twisted and enraged. Trinimac faded and was reborn as Mauloch, the God of Curses. With his mind bent on revenge, his most devout followers changed to match him and became the Orsimer, cursed to wander in exile, a people without a place.

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