Pearl Research Notes, Log 3

Author: Anonymous
Released In:

Current studies with the abyssal pearl have proven more dangerous than previously anticipated. It seems to be fueled by some sort of soul magic, as uncontrollable as it is powerful. We've lost several researchers because of this.

The first few casualties appear to have sparked the pearl's innate magical abilities. Yaghra have already begun to swarm around us, attracted by its power. We've been able to hold them off, but our defenses won't last for long. We'll need to move the pearl to a safer location. Farther inland perhaps, or even away from Summerset entirely.

Justiciar Avanaire may prove even more useful. We can use her connections within the Divine Prosecution for safe passage. Sarocil was well worth the gold we paid her for this little act. But then again, one can always trust a skooma addict to go along with anything. Even betraying their only sister.

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