Secrets of Moricar the Inheritor

Author: Devastator Irenian Dast
Released In:

For all Moricar accomplished as emperor, his mightiest achievement remains untold: the faithful execution of his father Durcorach's longstanding bargain with Mehrunes Dagon and the secret of the Longhouse Emperors.

Even before his conquest of Cyrodiil, the Black Drake entered into a fifty-year bargain with the Prince of Destruction, making promises that his heirs had to keep. When Durcorach met his end in 2E 541, Moricar inherited both the conquests and debts of his father.

Emperor Moricar then made his own bargain with the Prince of Destruction. He offered Mehrunes Dagon a renowned seer. Through various methods, Moricar induced this seer to produce visions of how Prince Dagon might spread his cataclysms across Nirn and gain mastery of the mortal world. Thus Mehrunes Dagon's true servants would reap a rich reward, and Moricar's own royal line would gain power above all other mortals.

Emperor Leovic acceded to the throne in 2E 564, inheriting the bargains of his sires. But he is not the only Longhouse heir. Moricar understood that his bargain with Mehrunes Dagon made it imperative to ensure the survival of his bloodline, so he took consorts and fathered a number of children. Some he acknowledged, some he did not, and some do not even know whose blood flows through their veins.

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