Trapper’s Note

Author: Trapper Marcien
Released In:

To any passing travelers:

If you happen to find something in my snare, I can make it worth your while to help me instead of stealing my catch. My friend, Star-Gazer Sariyaah, hired me to capture an adolescent guzzard for her. She finds the naked things endearing because they remind her of her home back in Craglorn. Now she wants to raise one by hand as a pet. She’s a dear friend, but I’ll never understand her love for the wretched creatures.

Hopefully, my trap was effective and the poor bugger hasn’t been stuck there for too long. Sariyaah is waiting outside Stonechip Tavern in Ontus. If you deliver her new companion safely to her, she’ll see you paid for your efforts.

Trapper Marcien

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