Interview with the Merchant of Vastyr

Author: Regine Vervins
Released In:

You want to know about my trade? All right, I'm Regine Vervins command a fleet of ships, the Marine Regine. I deal in acquiring goods from sellers and transporting them across the Abecean Sea. Oh, that's not what you wanted to hear? Well. What do you want to know?


Pankor? I don't send ships that way very often. Mainly all that little island needs is news—letters, missives, and the like—occasionally I'll get an order of masonry to transport. For an island that small, they don't have enough good rock to build foundations or fortresses. Trees and clay are fair enough housing materials, but they'll do nothing against a pirate attack.


Good trading there. After that nasty history with the Sload they're wanting for a lot of resources. If anyone asks, I didn't tell you this but you can purchase basic goods —wood, cloth, seeds, and the like— low on Pankor and then sell them at a premium in the Chain. Makes a tidy sum that way and makes the trips out to Pankor profitable.


Those Redguard know how to drive a hard bargain. You'd think with all the trouble my ships have to go through sailing around the coral reefs to get to Port Hunding, they'd be a bit more amenable. They don't want for much apart from the usual goods and services of a merchant ship. I'm still trying to get those tight-lipped scarab knights to give me assess to Bthzark. I don't know about you, but I'd wager that Dwemer goods could fetch a good price on High Isle.


High Elves, pah! I thought those Redguard were stingy before I met with some of those snobbish elves. They don't want anything but the finest materials and crafts from across the Abecean. My captains have to prove that their goods are better than the ones the high elves can make themselves before anyone will even discuss a sale! Still, when they do empty their purses the pay out's always big.


And then it's back to here, the home archipelago. Lot of good in these islands. the Dufort shipyard for one. Phew do those builders know how to make a ship! My fleets been sailing for nigh on five turns of the seasons now and never once have they suffered a leak. Anything my ships pick up on the other islands, is what they sell here, but that's not the purpose of making this our port. No, anytime my vessels make or leave the harbor here, they're low on goods. Helps keep the pirates away. Clever, no?

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