Callisos’ Lodestone

Released In:
Author (in-game): Anonymous

Revered as the tool of choice for Master Bard and Nirn-renowned musician Callisos, this lyre toured Tamriel with him for decades.

Callisos would often tell the tale of how he tricked the Mad God himself into giving him this instrument. Encountering Sheogorath, Callisos, already a skilled bard, played the most arousing love song Sheogorath had ever heard. Callisos convinced the Prince of Madness that his plain lyre had been imbued by Dibella with her raw passion.

Sheogorath wanted it, and in exchange gave Callisos an instrument he called Lodestone, a lyre that he tied to Callisos’ soul, claiming it would bring him glory and fame—which it did.

After some time, Callisos’ great deeds and talent became legendary among the Bards College alumni. However, one morning Lodestone was found in a practice room at the college and Callisos was never seen or heard from again. It has long been surmised that Callisos constantly toured Tamriel to escape Sheogorath’s wrath, but he was finally caught.

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