The Slave Pits of Coldharbour

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Author (in-game): Anonymous

Kynbriefing #3 of 97:

So you survived your first two shifts in the pits without discorporation or being sentenced to the scathe-rings, and now you think you know it all. Not so, kynworm: we give you easy tasks for the first couple of shifts, jobs any idiot can do, so you won’t embarrass us with your all-too-likely failure. But now it’s shift three, kynworms.

Now we talk quota.

These soul-shriven weren’t brought to the pits for your amusement, you know. As an overkyn, I can tell you they weren’t brought for my amusement, either. They’re here solely for the amusement of the Dread Lord—and he takes a lot of amusing. So pay attention. You’re going to be assigned a coffle of soul-shriven, you’re going to be told what they need to do, and then you’re going to make sure they do it.

And you’re going to be brutal about it. That’s the good part, but also the tricky part—because we only get so many soul-shriven, and we have to make them last. They must suffer, of course, or you won’t make your torment quota. But you can’t use them up too soon, or you’ll miss your toil quota. And if you miss either quota….

Well. You’ve seen the scathe-rings.

So that’s what it’s all about, kynworms: toil and torment, and maintaining the balance between the two. Some of you will fail, and suffer slow and agonizing discorporation—but others will find their inner abominance and triumph, exceeding quota and earning time in the bliss-cells. It’s up to you, kynworms: cut it or scathe.

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