Sigil of the Indrik Analysis

Released In:

Here now, adventurer. Votary Nahlia has asked me to try to describe just exactly what the “power” granted to you by the Luminaries entails. I am new to the Scholarium, but rest assured I will bring the whole of my magical insights to bear on this subject.

The great power of the Indrik, it seems, have set up harmonic reverberations across Tamriel. Long dormant ley lines, much like the ones in the Sholarium itself, are waking. Further research is required. But the immediate effect, I believe, will allow you to see Scripts and Luminous Ink for what they are. Portends of future power, rather than merely scraps of paper or dull and lifeless writing materials. Certainly, as well, the little fawn led me to a cache of Scripts here in the Scholarium. Most exciting! I’ll continue to search for more as you engage with the Luminaries further.

And, of course, I will attempt to keep you updated on what discoveries I make. Good luck!

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