The Strange Case of Ja-Reet

Released In:
Author (in-game): Anonymous

It is very rare for one of our people to be born away from the Hist. We are, in a very real way, part of the Hist. To be born away from it is to be born without something essential. For most of my life and service as a healer, this has remained a theoretical issue. That is, until Ja-Reet.

Though born in slavery, he’s done well since the Pact and our emancipation. He even married a Dunmer—the daughter of the Narsis family who owned his parents. While I view such a union with personal distaste, it speaks well of his ability to interact in society despite his obvious disadvantage.

Make no mistake, in Argonian society, he is disadvantaged. He’s unable to read social clues, the subtle movements of muscle and tail that most of us take for granted. We occasionally have difficulty reading the emotions of other races. Ja-Reet has that problem even with fellow Argonians. He listens to spoken words, and is insensitive to their tone. Surely being born away from the Hist has deprived him of emotional intuition.

He brought his Elven wife with him to Percolating Mire. She’s not welcomed by all, though she draws him out socially, which has been invaluable in trying to learn about how he thinks.

Perhaps proximity to a thriving Hist tree will help Ja-Reet gain the intuition the rest of us take for granted.

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