The All Flags Navy Started Here

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The All Flags Navy started here, as the first ships arrived to help protect the island while the infrastructure was under construction. Before the shipyards could turn out new vessels, the peoples of Tamriel sent their best ships to patrol the waters around High Isle. They were ships of the line from established navies, merchant vessels, freebooters, and mercenaries, all ready to defend the effort and eventually take the war directly to the Sload.

These were the initial fourteen ships that arrived to form the basis of the All Flags Navy. Long may they be remembered!

The Relentless, Colovian, Baron-Admiral Bendu Olo.

Anvil’s Song. Colovian. Baron-Captain Nolus Falvius.

The Ruby Trident. Colovian. Captain Haderus Viria.

The King’s Jest. Breton. Captain Lisolda Davaux.

The Pristine Halberd. Breton. Captain .

Onsi’s Oath. Redguard. Captain Afsarah.

Cahoth’ada. Elf. Captain Cimuborn.

Oiadaen. Elf. Captain Liniwen.

The Wind-Like-Anger. Argonian. Captain Hunileen.

Moonchaser. Khajiit. Captain Kalgnar.

Wandering Albatross. Knightly Order. Captain-Lord Nepas Lan.

The Silver Lantern. Merchant Ship. Coin-Baron Nemic Santerre.

The Black Gull. Freebooter. Captain Shoshara.

The Jolly Goblin. Freebooter. Captain Ghorguzal.

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