Reach Loyalist’s Letter

Released In:
Author (in-game): Anonymous

I speak now to my loyal brothers and sisters of the Reach. When Methira and her coven approached us, we thought it was a sign from our gods. We thought it was the righteous salvation we had spilled our own blood for in sacrifice. We thought our retribution was at hand.

I say to you now that this was false, for the Icereach clan has lost its way. They no longer serve the old gods, but have enslaved themselves to the Vampire Lord Rada al-Saran and his Gray Host. Methira speaks with honeyed words, promising us that in joining the host we will take back our lands. But what good would it be to trade one oppressor for another? The lands of Karth will be no more truly ours than they are now. The Nords know what they have done. They know our blood is in the very soil they till.

But when the vampires rule the skies above our home, it will never be ours again.

Pass this message along to the others of our clan. It is not too late. We can resist. For the blood of Karth. For the oaths we swore to the true gods. For our ancestors and our home.

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