Dremora Never Die

Author: Anonymous
Released In:

A Fargrave Drinking Song

Far from our homes, we still drink our fill
Though the ale here is strange, an immortal swill!
Our friends here don't drink, nor do they eat
Existing without any fun is quite the feat!

It must be so boring, but we're here to assist,
Us bawdy, death-fearing mortals who live in their midst,
What good is a drink when you can't get drunk?
To frolic with mortals, to what depths they have sunk!

Don't judge them too harshly, it's all in good fun,
The company here is second to none!
Unchanging and sleepless, probably up to no good,
Our immortal friends are just misunderstood!

Drink, drink, drink to Dremora!
We don't know if they're fauna or flora!
Drink, drink, drink to Dremora!
They'll be here long after we're no more, ah!

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