Notes on the Vault Door

Released In:
Author (in-game): Anonymous

The door to Razak’s vault is one of the most impressive feats of Dwemer engineering I’ve seen. It resists every unlock spell I know, and shrugs off even the strongest Destruction spells.

Perhaps the most fascinating part of the door is the series of pictograms etched into the door itself. They seem to form a narrative. And if my admittedly limited knowledge of the language serves me, it’s the classic Elven cosmogony:

First there was Aurbis, the formless chaos from which the universe was formed. Then Lorkhan convinced the Aedra to sacrifice themselves to create the world, Mundus. Then finally, at the birth of the world, Magnus opened a hole to Aetherius, creating the sun and letting magic flow into Nirn.

This trinary comes up frequently in Razak texts. Chaos, earth, and magic. Perhaps it’s central to his understanding of creation, not just of the world, but of constructs as well?

I will have to ruminate on this later. For now I’ll try my hand at picking the lock. Perhaps I’ll have success with the mundane where magic failed.

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