Proclamation of Neutrality

Released In:

In the Current Conflict


WHEREAS, the Empire of Cyrodiil is currently in turmoil due to internal politics and rival factions;

And WHEREAS, Skingrad and West Weald are vital domains within the Empire;

And WHEREAS, our dedication to the Empire requires us to protect the Empire’s land from all threats, foreign and domestic;

And WHEREAS, the County of Skingrad remains loyal to the Ruby Throne and not to any specific faction or leader;

NOW IT IS HEREBY PROCLAIMED that Skingrad and West Weald, from its eastern borders to the Gold Coast in the west, will be held as NEUTRAL TERRITORY in trust to the Ruby Throne.

THEREFORE, Skingrad will support and maintain all non-aligned Imperial Forces within its confines, including, but not limited to, the Legion of West Weald, its garrisons, and its defensive forces.

THEREFORE, Skingrad will not recognize the authority of internal factions within the Empire, including but not limited to the Aldmeri Dominion, the Ebonheart Pact, and the Daggerfall Covenant. These forces and their representatives have no authority within West Weald.

THEREFORE, any activities by these factions within West Weald will be opposed by the people and defensive forces of Skingard and its loyal domains.

Proclaimed and signed this day, before the local Lords and Aldermen of Colovia

Count Calantius of Skingrad

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