Research Notes: The Heir of Verandis

Author: Lady Essenia
Released In:


Lady Essenia By Lady Essenia, Master Alchemist and High Chamberlain of Greymoor Keep

Destiny smiles on my labors! An altogether unexpected specimen arrived on my doorstep—a specimen that could open a thrilling new avenue of study.

This Khajiit calls herself Adusa-daro. When questioned about her vampiric origins, she became evasive and non-compliant. Even after the application of my truth serum, she refused to speak about it. It matters little. I deduced her lineage immediately. Her smug contempt for our work and dedication to secrecy stink of the traitorous Verandis. May he suffer the sun for all time.

Despite Verandis's low character, his blood holds intriguing properties. His insufferable temperance makes finding heirs very difficult indeed. For one to blithely wander through my gates could only be a sign of fate's delight in my great works.

Verandis's blood is unique. With the proper reagents and preparation, I believe I could craft something truly awe-inspiring. A new state of vampirism that could exceed even the oldest pure-bloods in power and potency. My bloodknights might simply be the beginning—a herald of something truly spectacular. We shall see.

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