Ironstalk Mushroom Preservation and Sterilization

Author: Anonymous
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In the event this rotgut swill does addle my wits, everything I need to remember to preserve the fungus and my profit margin can be found within these pages. What I wouldn't give for just a sip of flin, but even my substantial sway over commerce in the Brass Fortress can't work miracles. At any rate, I'll take this time to prepare a reminder to never EVER attempt this process while intoxicated.

-Begin with a simple saltwater brine. Add two parts corrosive fabricant saliva per five parts brine. This will soften the minerals absorbed by the fungus without destroying the mushroom itself.
-Once the fungus is pliable, cut a small incision into the cap along the top and kneed in a bowl of lubricant. Work the oil into the caps and squeeze firmly until the spores have been evacuated.
-Transfer to a clean bowl of lubricant and repeat as necessary until the majority of spores have been removed.
-Return the fungus to the brine. Do not inhale the fumes given off by the mixture of the lubricant and corrosives.
-Seal in an alloy cauldron and simmer over red coals for two days. This should render any remaining spores inert. This is the most important step! Better that the whole batch go bad than the spores be allowed to take root outside the Halls of Regulation.
- Remove from heat and leave the sealed cauldron to age at least a week.

I have found no discernible difference in the properties of mushrooms aged longer than a week, but attaching a vintage to each batch has been highly effective at negotiating a premium on my older stock.

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