Anvil Taxes

Released In:
Author (in-game): Dockmaster Qamar

All Anvil Tax Collectors – READ NOW! –

I recently learned that some of you slow-wits are still charging the docking fees set by Count Ephrem, one-tenth of all gold exchanged for sales or purchases. In case you laggards forgot the recent sacking of Anvil, Count Ephrem isn’t in charge of the docks any longer. Governor Fortunata runs these docks now, and you’ll charge all vessels that make port and exchange cargo on my docks by her new fee – one-fifth.

For those of you simpletons who don’t know what a fifth is, count your fingers and your thumb. Your thumb is a fifth, the amount you take, and your fingers are the rest. So when you see a stack of gold, take your thumb’s worth or more, but never less. Anyone complains, you crack their heads open.

If there are too many for you to crack alone, you come tell me. We’ll go to the ship in force and crack their heads together. No matter what, no ship leaves until its captain pays. If a ship does leave port without paying their taxes, the sentries assigned to keep her in port will pay her docking fees in thumbs and fingers.

Also, starting tomorrow, anyone I find collecting the old tax rate is spending a night in the sea cages.

Dockmaster Qamar

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