Nicolard’s Notes on the Forge

Released In:
Author (in-game): Nicolard

The ancient tribes of men may have been unpolished, but they were certainly not primitive. There’s construction in the heart of this ruin that would rival the ingenuity of the Ayleids, if not the Dwarves. The chamber is vast and appears to serve both practical and ritualistic functions, though I’ve only begun to discern what its purpose is. My present theory is that this place was a forge of some kind. It harnessed the power of these lava flows to smelt the tribe’s ore and heat their metals. There appears to be a large basin where such items were cooled, but I’ve found no evidence of a convenient water source.

There are also massive stone hammers and anvils that must have been used by their smiths, but the mechanism by which they operate is not known to me and I detect no magical properties. Given the age, it’s possible any enchantments have long since dissipated.

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