Rhymes and Chimes

Author: Chak-Shushu (Translator)
Released In:

Compiled and translated by Chak-Shushu

Egg-Tender's Lullaby (unattributed)

Little Thtithil, Little Thtithil
Drink up your sap
Little Thtithil, Little Thtithil
Its time for your nap

Little Thtithil, Little Thtithil
Rest in your shell
Little Thtithil, Little Thtithil
We'll keep you well

Little Thtithil, Little Thtithil
Gently you turn
Little Thtithil, Little Thtithil
Grow hard and firm

Hist Hymn (unattributed)

Among the roots where we are born,
Bathed in your sap to shape our form,
We gather here to sing your praise,
And give our thanks for those you raise.

Wind ring your chimes with its caress,
Mud hold you firm through all distress,
Rain reach your roots past golden rays,
Sun kiss your leaves for all your days.

Bless your every branch and bough,
Beneath which we make each our vows.
Bless your tender bark and flowers,
Blessed are we to call you ours.

Hatchling's Rhyme by Mimme

Tinkle, tinkle, hollow chime,
Singing with me as I rhyme
For our darlings in their nest,
Drifting off to well-earned rest.

How you sway and dance with ease,
On the evening's gentle breeze.
Conjure thoughts of lazy streams,
Ferry them to pleasant dreams.

Tinkle, tinkle, hollow chime,
Singing with me as I rhyme.
Guide us through the evening mist,
Home to the roots of our Hist.

Tender Roots by Chak-Shushu

As I lie beneath you
Nestled in your embrace
I am moist with morning dew
From the time we spend enlaced

Basking under the sun's golden kiss
I am hot as humid air,
My breath exhales as mist
Until the warmth is more than I can bear

I wet my scales, slick with mud
Shaded by your caring boughs
Among your loving roots I cool my blood
And then begin to drowse

You sing me a gentle lullaby
Of chimes in the breeze
To plant your seed in my mind's eye
And give me dreams of trees.

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