Imperfect Operations Manual

Author: Anonymous
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All factotums possess basic excavation capabilities, but the Imperfect surpasses all others in terms of sheer power. Unfortunately, Imperfect excavations require a huge output of energy. Unlike lesser factotums, this automata requires a fully charged animo core to function.

Order of operations for charging animo cores:

1. Ensure that an inert, empty animo core is firmly locked into the distillate filling station bracket.
2. Ensure that all flow valves are set to the correct throughput position.
3. Push the geodic distillate flow-lever into the "Fill" position.
4. Allow core to charge fully, then unlock the filling station bracket and remove the core.

Incorrectly positioned flow valves can disrupt the geodic distillate distribution system. Activate the emergency reset valve if flow position reaches critical instability. All flow valves will return to their original position.

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