How to Use the Tonal Inverter

Author: Anonymous
Released In:

1. The tonal inverter requires two willing, consenting, adults to operate; one harmonic modulator to generate and prepare the sound wave, one resonance intonator to release the prepared sound wave and disrupt Sotha Sil's modified energy-stealing device.

2. Harmonic modulator operates the tonal inverter, nearby but out of direct combat, while resonance intonator engages device-wielder in battle.

3. Harmonic modulator works the tonal inverter controls to build a wave of sonic energy.

4. When the tonal inverter reaches the proper pitch, harmonic modulator indicates the device is ready for discharge. For example, the harmonic modulator could shout: "Ready!"

5. Resonance intonator pauses in combat long enough to discharge the tonal inverter. Note: This can be done from anywhere within a clear line of sight, as the tonal inverter has been configured to recognize and obey the resonance intonator from a remote position.

6. Tonal inverter releases a charge that temporarily disrupts the energy emitted by Sotha Sil's modified device. The wielder of said device will become vulnerable to attack for a limited amount of time.

Final Words: Depending on the amount of energy already absorbed by the wielder of Sotha Sil's device, this procedure may need to be repeated multiple times, as the disruption and subsequent vulnerability is fleeting. Stick with it and everything should turn out fine. May the Great Gear whir and spin freely in your presence!

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