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Author (in-game): Chef Donolon

Whether you need a perfect pastry for a simple celebration or a colossal cake to acknowledge an awesome anniversary, you won’t find a better collection of recipes than those scribed by yours truly, Chef Donolon, the acclaimed Wizard of Whisking and veteran of baking challenges from Highrock to Morrowind. Every recipe has been handcrafted and personally tested in the most rigorous culinary conditions.

For a truly epic cake, perfect for the most precious occasion, try Donolon’s Jubilee Cake. Its many layers and towering presentation will awe your audience, while its moist texture creates a festival on your taste buds. Of course, no one can duplicate my recipe exactly, so if you want the ultimate experience, get me to bake one for you. The current waiting list is three years and seven months, so plan accordingly for your special occasion.

Or, be lucky enough to acquire one of my Jubilee Cake Vouchers – that will leap you to the head of the line!

Donolon’s Jubilee Cake


-Bananas, sliced, not mashed
-Flour, sifted
-Honey, from northern climes works best
-Charmed Mixing Bowl, proprietary


Add ingredients to a Charmed Mixing Bowl. Whisk vigorously. Wait for ingredients to magically congeal into a cake with multiple tiers. Slice and enjoy with friends.

(If you don’t happen to own a Charmed Mixing Bowl, and I’m absolutely certain you don’t, you’ll either have to bake the ingredients the old-fashioned way or find me so that I can prepare it for you. But see my earlier note regarding the waiting list for my much-in-demand services.)

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