Sigil of the Gryphon Analysis

Released In:

Well, I never! I returned to my shop as you were in the process of completing the Gryphon’s wing to find that Fox creature rooting around in my stores! Poor Caal was gibbering and snarling, quite beside herself! I shoo’d it away but when it began speaking it was so charming. Well I must say I have never dealt with quite so lovely a creature in all my days. Caal still remains skeptical, however.

I digress! The most obvious result of your work with the Gryphon are the wonderful animated armor constructs that now protect the Scholarium from any potential threats. The imbuement of the Gryphons power, meanwhile, has resulted in new ley line activity across Tamriel. I’ve found quite a number of Focus Scripts here in the Scholarium, ready for your perusal.

Likewise, my contacts in the Mages Guild were quite surprised to find Focus Scripts appearing in their reward troves. Adventurers who participate in combat against other adventurers are finding them in their “Worthy” rewards (such a term), and those who venture into delves are likewise being awarded these valuable pieces of parchment.

What a cacophonous symphony of sources! More research awaits! Delightful!

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