Guard’s Dossier: Bjormund Wind-Strider

Author: Anonymous
Released In:

This book was included in Alternative Armor: Dragon Plate from the Creation Club

Status: Active (Capture or Kill), High Priority

Description: Male, Nord, late 50s


Referred to by locals as the “Dragon of Dawnstar,” Bjormund is the son of a former pirate who frequented the northern port. After being taken in by various bandit clans, he eventually migrated south to Cyrodiil where he joined up with the Crimson Dirks. The nickname is derived from a legend that Bjormund once slew a dragon and fashioned its bones into armor, but it seems the story is apocryphal as it predates the return of the dragons.

Operational Notes:

Bjormund is believed to have taken up mercenary work in order to stay on the move. Not much is known of his whereabouts beyond this.

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