Reward for Information: Silvenar

Author: Ulthorn
Released In:

People of Silvenar:

Your lives have been disrupted, your celebrations halted, your ways of life threatened. I, Ulthorn, am aware of my role in these troubles, but we are a people at war!

We must fight for our very way of life. The Aldmeri Dominion seeks to rule us from Elden Root, strip our rulers of their power, and corrupt our sacred rituals. The Dominion "invited" our previous Green Lady and Silvenar to join them on the island of Khenarthi's Roost, and it was an Altmer who was responsible for their deaths. Why? So they could replace them with puppets under their control!

Our new Green Lady, Gwaering, was duped by the Dominion. But Indaenir, the current "choice" to be the Silvenar, is working with the Domnion and his presence in the city will be the advent of our doom!

The evidence is all around you. Would the true Silvenar abandon the Green Lady along the road, as he did in Velyn Harbor? Would he stop to consort with Wood Orcs in Jathsogur, rather than come straight to the city that bears his name? Would he hesitate to come to the Handfast when the Green Lady has already arrived and awaits him? No!

The Dominion's false Silvenar skulks about Malabal Tor. He may look for a way into this city, but he will not find it. And, any of you who help locate any of the traitors who support Indaenir, or the false Silvenar himself, will gain great favor with me and reward from all the Bosmer.

— Ulthorn

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