A Free Argonian’s Manifesto

Author: Anonymous
Released In:

It is the right and duty of all sentient beings to be masters of their own fate, to live or die according to their own wishes. Slavery is a foul practice that takes this choice from those bound under its terrible yoke, transferring their decision-making capacity to the owner.

This is neither fair nor right, and should be resisted as violently as possible, everywhere and at all times. Anyone who stands idly by and lets another be enslaved is no better than the one who cracks the whip.

For generations, the Dark Elves enslaved my people, some suffering from hatching to grave under Elven control. During this time, the Nords did nothing to help us. The so-called Pact has not redressed these past offenses. Instead, we’ve been told to be happy we are no longer slaves.

We’ve been told recompense is out of the question. But even a guar will bite if kicked long enough.

If the Pact will not help us get what we deserve for our generations of suffering, others will help us. The Varakun seek power for their master, but also grant power to those who serve them. Through their auspices, I will avenge those who died as slaves. I will raise their tormentors as my undead vassals, and they will serve me forever in death.

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