Horn of Beasts

Released In:
Author (in-game): Anonymous

The shaman of Wrothgar, Zbulgat the Wild-Walker, placed all his considerable power in the Horn of Beasts. Although the shaman shunned Orsinium for most of his life, calling it “Torug’s folly,” he nevertheless appeared within the city shortly after the start of the siege.

The Wild-Walker and King Golkarr had little love for one another, but the king accepted the Horn of Beasts graciously. “Never use it more than once per cycle of the moons,” the shaman warned. Then Zbulgat departed. Golkarr, meanwhile, used the horn to summon the creatures of Wrothgar. Bears, echatere, and hundreds of other wild creatures rallied to defend the city walls.

For the early years of the siege, the horn had a significant impact on the course of the war. Unfortunately, Golkarr decided to sound the horn three times during a single moons cycle, and on the third blare the horn cracked. It is said to still rest somewhere in Old Orsinium.

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