Khunzar-ri Sayings

Released In:
Author (in-game): Anonymous

Khunzar-ri Sayings, Verse One

Khunzar-ri says
War is like the two Moons
Always there
But not always seen

Khunzar-ri Sayings, Verse Two

Khunzar-ri says
In the spring, when
Moon-sugar shoots are young and tender,
Khajiit must learn to step carefully
And leave no trace of their passage
This is the way of the Silent Paw

Khunzar-ri Sayings, Verse Three

Khunzar-ri says
If Khajiit has much gold
But no claws
They have no wealth
Only shiny objects

Khunzar-ri Sayings, Verse Four

Khunzar-ri says
Walk silent and unseen
To your enemy’s back and
Slide a dagger in their ribs
Before disappearing in the night
That is the Khajiit way

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