Words of the Masters

Author: Master Fadalia at-Ahtar (Forward by)
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Foreword by one who has as much to learn now as she did when she was a student long ago.

Long have our masters taught the ways of the sword at Leki’s Blade. And yet, not every lesson took place in the field of battle.

Recall, then, the words of the masters who once led our illustrious school. Distill their meaning, for battles can be won by the mind as well as the blade.

Pay heed!

— Master Fadalia at-Ahtar

The sharpest blade is often the tongue.

Difficult tasks are best done first, before the day’s dust rises.

Your soldiers are your allies, brothers, and sisters. Care for them, and they will guard you as well.

One whose character is mean-spirited will rouse others to animosity.

Be modest in speech, and you will excel in action.

Do you see what is right and just? Do what you must to uphold them both.

Watch your opponent’s feet and you will lose. Watch her eyes, and see her intent.

Learn from every victory. Think how you would have reacted as the loser. Understand why your opponent lost, and you will ever be victorious.

From silence comes strength.

The serpent only sees eye-to-eye with whatever else crawls on its belly.

Stay your hand until you are sure of your opponent’s tactics, and you may not live long enough to strike. Wait only to learn his intention, then strike first if it is clear he would fight without honor.

Never save for tomorrow the bread you should eat today.

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