Free Market of the People

Released In:
Author (in-game): Anonymous

Listen up, sailor! From this day forward, our glorious Governor Fortunata has declared the port of Anvil free and open to ships and sailors of all kinds and creeds! There is no law in Anvil save hers!

Be you a sailor of Stros M’Kai or Blackheart Haven, Alabaster or Sanctuary, Abah’s Landing or Bravil, you will find a second home and business partner on our lucrative docks. No matter your cargo, be it slaves, skooma, or war trophies, you may trade it freely here. Your cargo is your cargo, and who you sell to is your business. So long as you pay the docking fees, you may conduct any business you wish.

On the docks of Anvil, we enforce no laws but three.

1) Conduct your business without unnecessary bloodshed.
2) Pay your docking fees before you leave.
3) And show your utmost respect to Governor Fortunata.

Also, while you’re in port, why not grow your stack of gold in any of our legal gambling establishments? Enjoy some time with the most beautiful and affordable companions from across Tamriel? Watch the finest gladiatorial battles and blood-letting in nearby Kvatch? Whatever your vice, you’ll find it here!

Make no mistake, friend, there is no port friendlier to sailors and privateers than Anvil’s port. None!

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