Holdings of Jarl Gjalund

Released In:
Author (in-game): Slafknir the Scribe

Because Skyrim uses a font to code dragon script, we are able to provide a direct translation. It is colored and in brackets after the draconic script.

Survey of the Holdings of Jarl Gjalund

As Witnessed by Slafknir the Scribe, so Sworn by the Old Gods and the New

Whiterun – [AHROLSEDOVAH] – The Jarl’s Holding, with Plentiful Water and Pasturage. Home of Jorrvaskr, the Far-Famed Hall of the Companions.

Rorik’s Steading – [RORIKHOFKAH] – A Small Farmstead in the Western Plains. Grain, Leather, Horses.

Granite Hill – [QUETHSEGOL AHROL] – Three Farms and an Inn, just North of the Falkreath. A Market is Held here Weekly.

H’roldan – [AHROLDAN] – A Spacious Wooden Hall and Pasturage, recently Seized from the Reachmen. Silver and Iron as Tribute from the Natives.

Bromjunaar – [BROMJUN1R] – An Old Settlement, much Reduced from Former Days. Lumber and Stone.

Korvanjund – [KORVANJUND] – A Small Fortified Settlement. Hides and Meat.

Volunruud – [VOLUNR5D] – A Fortified Wooden Hall near Giants’ Gap. Meat and Worked Ivory.

Hillgrund’s Steading – [HILLGRUNDHOFKAH] – A Large Farmstead Near the Base of the Monahven. Grain, Mead, Honey.

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