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By the Master's Mace

Librarian Comment: 

Elder Scrolls Online uses variables to dynamically fill in values within the game. We have rendered the resulting text as such.

We march! By the Master's Mace we march on the hated city of Delodiil. Under the command of the mighty King Anumaril, our assault cannot fail.

By the power of the Master, we will capture the light-worshiping thralls of that pitiful city. We will return them to the dark chamber at the heart of Abagarlas—a temple far superior to the pathetic Meridian altar of the Delodiil heretics.

We will liberate their worthless souls, feeding them to the Mortuum Vivicus. We shall grant them, at long last, a purpose in this world.

So the Master, the Lord of Lies commands. So shall it be!